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Matt C, Aberdeen

Absolutely Hate Acne, absolutely Love the product. It is not the final cure to acne but does help significantly. Skinetica Quintessence is easy to use and unlike some other products has no harsh side effects on the skin. I have always got a supply of Skinetica around my house as I swear by it.

I will continue to be a user of Skinetica Quintessence for the foreseeable future and will always make sure I have a bottle at all times. Don’t know where I would be without it. Thank You Skinetica!

Julie F, Carnoustie

What people say about Skinetica my skin is much clearer since using this… I have been using Skinetica Quintessence for over a month now on a daily basis and I am really, really impressed with the results. My skin is much clearer since using this product and when I get any spots or pimples they heal up very quickly.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough for improving the appearance of my skin and helping to guard against further outbreaks. This product is a MUST for any sufferers of acne, spots or pimples.

Zoe B, Crowthorne

Really great product! It started working quicker than any other acne treatment I have tried (prescription or otherwise) but most impressively is the quality of skin it produces.

I hardly have any big spots now and a lot less blackheads, with soft skin not needing moisturisers due to harsh chemicals. Would and have recommended it to lots of friends.

Deirdre W, Nottingham

I came across Skinetica at my local beauticians and decided to buy a bottle for our 15-year-old son. He has had moderate acne for a couple of years and has tried many products during this period. He’s now on his 4th bottle and won’t use anything else. The acne seems much better in that the spots continue to appear but are less frequent, smaller and clear up more quickly. He is also very compliant with the regime as he is so pleased with the results.

Julia S, Surbiton

Skinetica is honestly the best product I have used to reduce my acne. Being nearly 40 and battling with ageing skin symptoms as well as acne has always been hard for me as the majority of acne treatments either dry out my skin (causing wrinkles) or become sun sensitive and have caused pigmentation. I have tried products containing salicylic acid, vitamin a, zinc/erythromycin topical prescriptions, Clinique, Clearasil, tea tree oil etc etc.

All of these were either ineffective or not suitable as a long term product as too drying etc. Skinetica is mild and gentle – so much so that you can’t believe it’s doing anything – but after a few days, your skin just becomes clearer and looks much healthier, remains soft and supple, with no reaction, drying or anything. Highly recommend this product – in my twenty years if searching for an effective product, this is the best on the market. Just wish I’d known about it for my wedding last year!

Rachel B, Cheam

Tried probably every single product out there and to date this is by far the best one ever… Skinetica Quintessence is an amazingly light product that I have been using everyday for over a year now. Its not harsh or damaging to clothes / materials, its just like wiping water over your face and it has successfully kept away my spots/acne since a couple of days after I started using it.

It definitely works as I have tried to go without it for a few days on a several occasions just as a test and every time spots have appeared but then disappeared after a day or two of using it. I have suffered with oily/acne skin for 8 years now and tried probably every single product out there and to date this is by far the best one ever and priced very reasonably.

Teresa H, Basingstoke

I have recommended this to people I know with any skin problems for either themselves or people they know, great… I am so impressed with Skinetica Quintessence, we tried everything for my 19 year old over the last 3 years but as soon as she started to use Skinetica her skin started to visibly improve. She is so happy with it Thank you.

Samantha M, Stockton

I am 38 and have had Acne since I was 17. I have bought every product on the market after prescription topical solutions & oral solutions failed to have any long term effect. I had come across Skinetica on numerous occasions and thought it was too inexpensive to work!! I am now on to my seventh bottle and still acne free! Inexpensive and effective, perfect!

Ravi G, Birmingham

Does not require a lot of work to apply… Skinetica has helped improved my skin very much, it is very easy to apply and does not require a lot of work to apply like other acne treatments. Skinetica has helped my acne go. Thank You.

Tracy S, London

Skinetica Quintessence is mild and gentle – so much so that you can’t believe it’s doing anything – but after a few days… I really enjoy your product as it doesn’t bleach clothes and hair and also it is irritant-free. I always recommend it to friends and family as it is cheap and very effective.

Julie C, Nottingham

An excellent product for children who suffer with skin problems… I bought this product for my 12-year-old daughter who uses it daily. Only been using it a short while but her acne has improved with the added bonus of no harsh chemicals, an excellent product for children who suffer with skin problems/acne.

Judith C, High Wycombe

This product really has improved my life immeasurably… Having suffered from adult acne for over 25 years I have tried so many ways to improve the condition of my skin: prescription treatments including antibiotics for many, many years, hospital drugs such as Roaccutane and over the counter topical and cleansing products but still the problem remained. My acne was something I worried about every day, whether I would wake up to find I had another big spot to try and cover, having facial swelling and sometimes pain to contend with. No soon as one spot went down, than another would take its place and remaining scars can take so long to fade.

The problem never seemed to give me a day off! I bought Skinetica on an impulse at my local village pharmacy, thinking that it if didn’t work then I would not have lose much as unlike many of the products I had tried in the past it does not cost too much. I stopped using my normal Freederm for my breakouts (which dried out my skin and was not really that effective) and started using Skinetica as recommended. I was very sceptical if it might work as I was so used to the more normal chemical smells and the “feel” of a product on my skin, but using Skinetica was just like wiping my skin with pure water and my skin just felt like “my” skin. How on earth could this innocuous-looking liquid have anything in it to help my skin? However, in a couple of weeks, I noticed the frequency of my spots was reducing and also the time they stayed active seemed to get shorter. After about a month I had no large spots erupting and even small ones were much less frequent. My open pores also seemed less noticeable. I am now sitting here perhaps 1 year on from first trying your product, with only receding memories of ever having spots. Quite simply I no longer have acne! I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a large spot; it was months ago.

I feel more confident, can wear less heavy makeup to cover the outbreaks and the scars and am just so pleased that I took the chance and bought my first bottle. The products action of prevention rather than treating the spots themselves really works for me. I have recommended Skinetica to family, friends and work colleagues without hesitation and would be very happy for you to use any part of my letter on your website if it meant somebody else could discover this wonderful treatment. I am aware I sound a little evangelical, but this product really has improved my life immeasurably.