skinetica skincare


An innovative, fast acting remedy for acne, spots, blemishes and breakouts using patented water based technology with visible results in 2–3 days!

Quintessence by Skinetica is a pioneering single skincare solution that works equally well on all skin types of all ages.

Quintessence is also an excellent super toner and primer.

“I came across Quintessence through social media, I read a post that said, “miracle in a bottle” and wow, that’s exactly what it is”
Cathy 22 student


“My skin is much clearer since using Skinetica Quintessence for over a month now on a daily basis and I am really, really impressed with the results.”


“Really great product! It started working quicker than any other acne treatment I have tried but most impressively is the quality of skin it produces.”


“Tried probably every single product out there and this is by far the best one ever… Skinetica Quintessence is an amazingly light product that I have been using every day for over a year now.”


“After experimenting with countless products, Skinetica Quintessence has exceeded all my expectations. It has become part of  my daily skincare routine, giving me remarkable results that I have never experienced before”