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How to Use Quintessence

Apply to the skin by soaking a soft cotton pad and applying to affected areas or all over if using as a primer or toner then leave for a few seconds until it dries. It forms a microscopic bonding on the skin and becomes substantive to it. Despite not being visible, you can take comfort in knowing that it is actively working day and night.

As soon as it dries on the skin, Quintessence gets to work.

By locking in the natural moisturising oils within, the skin will also feel smoother and softer. This makes an excellent foundation base to apply your make-up on, preventing it from running even in a warm climate.

The recommended directions for use of Quintessence are as follows:

Evening - Apply it at bedtime and it will continue to work throughout the night

Morning - Re-apply it in the morning before applying your make-up and let it air dry.