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Welcome to the Skinetica spot treatment FAQ page!

Here you will find all the essential information about our product that will help you understand how it works, its benefits, and how to use it effectively.

We’ve put together the most commonly asked questions to help you get the most out of your Skinetica experience.

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Is Quintessence for men and women?

Skinetica Quintessence is suitable for all genders and ages.

Is Quintessence suited to my skin type?

Skinetica is specifically designed to be suitable for all skin types –    from oily to dry to combination.

I have sensitive skin, is it safe for me to use Quintessence?

Skinetica was designed for use on sensitive skins. It contains no toxic chemicals, and when dry on the skin it is chemically inert, and so can have no detrimental effects whatsoever on the skin.

Where can I buy Quintessence?

Quintessence is currently only available through our website and Amazon Prime. If we supplied other retailers or stores it would increase our costs and we would have to charge more. We strive to keep our prices as keen as possible.

Can I use a moisturiser when using Quintessence?

Yes, but be sure to apply it AFTER your Quintessence application has dried on your skin. Skinetica needs to be in direct contact with your skin to work effectively.

Can I use Quintessence if I don’t have acne or spots?

Yes, Quintessence is a super toner, and will remove impurities from the skin that other toners leave behind. It also forms a microscopic coating on the skin, which encourages natural oils, and protects against the ravages of the environment, and so gives you a smoother and clearer complexion.

Will it work on my chest, back or shoulders?

Yes, Quintessence will work effectively on any area of skin.

Should I leave it on overnight?

Yes, a good routine is to use it as a toner last thing at night, and then again in the morning just before applying make-up, making sure it is dry before you put anything on top of it.

How long does it take to see results?

This can vary. We have many customers who have seen a clear result in 2-3 days, whereas some others have taken 2-3 weeks. On average you should see a real difference in 7-8 days.

Can I use Quintessence when wearing make up?

Yes, Quintessence will continue to work underneath your make up. However, please be sure to give it a few moments to dry thoroughly on your skin, before applying any make up or moisturisers.

I have suffered from sore/irritated skin when using traditional acne treatments. Will Quintessence cause the same?

Over 95% of traditional acne treatments contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, both of which are effective against acne but well proven to irritate skin. Quintessence contains no toxic chemicals and will not irritate your skin.

I am allergic to alcohol, is it safe for me to use Quintessence?

Quintessence is alcohol free and so perfectly safe for you to use.

I am pregnant or breast feeding, is it safe for me to use Quintessence?

As Quintessence contains no toxic chemicals, and is chemically inert when dry on the skin, it cannot be absorbed through the skin, and so is safe to use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding.

How do I use Quintessence?

Quintessence should be applied, using a cotton pad, to the affected areas twice a day. We suggest using it as a toner at night before bed, and then again in the morning after washing and before applying any make up or moisturisers. It must be applied to clean dry bare skin (without any other products applied to it).

Quintessence must be in direct contact with your skin to work effectively. Make up and moisturisers may be applied on top of Quintessence after waiting a few moments for it to thoroughly dry.

Why does Quintessence work so well?

The main active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride being at a very low level of 0.13% which will not cause any irritation. It can be an aggressive anti-bacterial agent at higher concentrations, this active is commonly used in skincare products.

The key to Quintessence is the Organosilane patented water stabiliser which is providing the anti-bacterial residual action on the skin, it is attaching to the carbohydrates of skin that polyhydroxylated, so it doesn’t penetrate the hardy skin cells hence still allowing the skin to breathhe nor will it get into blood streams like alcohol. Once dried it will not impede moisturisers from attaching to the skin, but those may not be necessary as Quintessence contains a moisturising agent.

Is Quintessence non-comedogenic?

Comedogenic means that a product clog up pores, whereby it is more likely that blackheads and clogged sebaceous glands will develop. Quintessence does not contain any ingredients which clog pores and is therefore non-comedogenic.

Will Quintessence help my acne scars?

Although Quintessence does not claim to help with acne scarring, we have many customers who advised us that using Quintessence had significantly reduced their acne scarring.

If I have eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea, can I use Quintessence?

Yes, Quintessence may well have a beneficial effect on these conditions, we have customers who have told us it cured their rosacea.

Can I use other acne treatment products whilst using Quintessence?

As Quintessence needs to be in contact with your clean dry skin to work effectively, any other treatment may well interfere with this contact and reduce Skinetica’s efficacy, we recommend that you use it without any other treatments.

Is Quintessence suitable for all ethnicities?

Yes, it is suitable for all ethnicities, and will not discolour any skin in any way.