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About Us

Our customers have called it “Miracle in a Bottle” with its pure, awakening, and skin-loving formula which has been in the UK market for over a decade. The formula not only helps to nourish and protect the skin but creates a glowing complexion.

Inspired by the science of skincare, Skinetica creates formulations that include botanicals and beneficial ingredients. Skinetica is committed to protecting and energising your skin while providing multitasking, protecting, and revitalising products for people on the go with little time to spare.

An innovative, non-toxic remedy for acne, spots, pimples, and blemishes. Typically for all skin types, Quintessence by Skinetica is a pioneering single skincare solution that works equally well on men and women. It tackles all skin problems, including acne and breakouts while protecting the skin against makeup, bacteria, and pollution. Quintessence also works as an excellent super toner and primer.

Our Story

Skinetica’s first release in the UK was in 2012 as a treatment for acne and skin blemishes. It was a small, “one-man show.” From humble beginnings, it gained popularity among chemists before making its way to the online market.

About Us - Female applying Skinetica

Through its high quality and genuine results, Skinetica experienced more growth in 2015. Since the company was thriving on honesty and consistent development, in 2019 we reformulated the product, now known and loved as Quintessence, an already cruelty free product, gone completely vegan. Skinetica then experienced re-branding, re-packaging, how you see it today.

Although struck by Covid-19, Skinetica’s nobility and commitment to wellbeing brought 50% of its consumers back for repurchase!

Our Mission

To raise awareness of and expose this wonderful product to a wider audience.


To craft and distribute a compelling range of chemical-free, eco-friendly, and vegan skincare products.


To boost the confidence of and encourage people to consider conscious skincare.

Our Vision

To contribute to sustainability in Beauty & Skincare industry.


To become a legacy company which has a deep-rooted positive influence on customers, employees, and the world!


To be consistent with innovation, creativity, and transparency.

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