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About Us

As they call it 
“Miracle in a Bottle” Skinetica


With its pure, awakening, and skin-loving formula, has been in the UK market for over a decade. The formula not only helps to nourish and protect the skin but creates a glowing complexion.

Inspired by the science of skincare, Skinetica creates formulations that include botanicals and beneficial ingredients. Skinetica is committed to protecting and energising your skin while providing multitasking, protecting, and revitalising products for people on the go with little time to spare …

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Scientifically tested

Anti-blemish skincare.

It is pure and non-toxic.

Clears acne, spots, pimples and blemishes FAST.


RRP £16.95 reduced to clear bottles with our older branding

Bottle size 100ml

Quintessence by Skinetica

Skinetica Skincare is the expert product in anti-blemish acne treatment. It has really worked for thousands of people with visible results in 2-3 days and no side effects or harsh chemicals.

£ 15.99

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Our Testimonials

Real people, getting real results

Avatar-Elaine Tatters
27, Creative Writer  
About 3 months ago, I noticed a glow on my friend’s skin and asked her, about her routine. I was amazed to know she was using JUST ONE PRODUCT! I immediately placed an order for Quintessence and since then it has been an indispensable part of my skin care

53, Realtor   
I came across Quintessence through social media, I read a post that said “miracle in a bottle” and Jesus, that’s exactly what it is

Avatar- Carmen Watkins
22, Student 
I have always struggled to find a perfect “skin care routine” since I was a teenager until I found Quintessence which entirely changed my skin care game for me.  

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