How Skinetica Quintessence Works

Traditionally, acne treatments are based on technology which uses highly toxic chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Although these ingredients will chemically ‘poison’ the bacteria that cause spots and acne, they can also result in red, chapped skin caused by a drying out of the natural oils.

Quintessence uses more advanced technology which means better results with no alcohol or toxic ingredients. It is kind to your skin and can be used twice a day as part of an ongoing skincare regime.

Advanced technology

Quintessence works by forming a barrier between your skin and the outside environment, thus preventing the bacteria which causes problem skin from coming into contact with your face. It is a physical treatment rather than a chemical one which is why there is no soreness or drying of skin.

Although you cannot feel or see anything, Quintessence continues to work under your moisturiser and makeup all day long.

It produces clearer, smoother and softer skin with existing customers saying that, after a couple of weeks’ use, their skin feels the same as after a two-week holiday in the sun.

The Technical Stuff

Are you ready for the science?

Quintessence uses a new generation of silicone polymers to enable it to work on the skin to prevent and inhibit P.acnes microbes (that’s the official name of the acne-causing bacteria) from infesting your skin.


Deionized Water 18 Mega Ohm, Propylene Glycol, Benzalkonium Chloride, Organosilane (patented water stabiliser).

In 2014 an independent UK laboratory certified that Quintessence killed 99.99% of the acne bacteria within 60 minutes of coming into contact with them. And that’s why it produces fantastic results in just 2-3 days.

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