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Skinetica’s Ultimate Guide to Washing Your Face

You may roll your eyes at the title, but hear me out because – believe it or not – you are probably doing it wrong. Washing your face is the staple of a good skincare regime. We have been doing it since we were children, it is as natural as breathing (well, almost) and thus it is extremely easy to underestimate the importance of. 

We all know the temptation, we have been there. God, face-washing is boring! You get to the end of a long, busy day and you just want to sink back into your pillow and snooze your worries away. You resort to a quick splash of water, a squirt of moisturiser and away you go. 

Well stop right there – a good face washing routine can be a legitimate lifesaver when it comes to skincare and therefore should not be skipped, shunned or otherwise overlooked. Here is how to access the full mystical power of the well-washed face. 

Firstly, it’s all in the timing. It seems obvious as to why you should wash your face before you go to bed at night. An entire day’s worth of living accumulates a lot of bacterial build up on your skin, and pollution in the air really can take its toll on your face. Ensuring you thoroughly cleanse your skin before bed is vital in keeping it free of toxins. Washing your face in the morning is a more hotly contested concept however. ‘Why would I need to wash my face again, I haven’t been anywhere?’ While you are asleep, dead skin cells, allergens and other environmental debris can build up on your skin – both through the air in your room and particles on your pillow and bedsheets – making that first wash in the morning the only way to ensure that your skin is fresh for the day ahead. 

Ensure that your tools are satisfactory and squeaky clean. Face cloths and flannels can harbour a lot of bacteria if left unwashed, damp and festering in the corner of your sink. General advice is to wash face cloths every 3-4 days or as often as 1-2 days if you are prone to acne, rosacea and other skin conditions. The same goes with towels – anything that touches your face should be as clean as you would like your face to be. Keep that bacteria at bay, and your skin will thank you for it. 

Cleanse once… then cleanse again! Our face is always exposed to the environment, so it comes into contact with a significant amount of dirt, grime and pollution every single day – it’s easy to see how one cleanse isn’t enough for truly clean skin. Try an initial wash with an oil cleanser, to rid your skin of makeup, sunscreen and any heavy product or oil, followed by a second wash with your usual everyday, gentle cleanser to really get rid of any impurities. Et voila, one perfectly clean face – beautiful, sparkling and radiant. 

Another plus point of this approach is that the cleaner your skin is, the easier it is for other products to absorb and bond with your skin – the perfect base for our one-product wonder Quintessance. There is no need for any other products, a clean face + Quintessence and you are ready to go! 

A note for double cleansers –  this approach is only really necessary in the evening, however if you have particularly oily skin then it can be utilised in the morning as well.

Last pointer on the ultimate guide to face-washing – don’t undo all that excellent cleansing graft by sleeping on a dirty pillowcase! Your pillowcase comes into contact with your face every single night and therefore should be treated like part of your skin. Wash your pillowcase every 2-3 days to ensure that you get a nice, clean night’s sleep. If you want to go all out on sleepy skincare, treat yourself to a silk pillowcase. Silk is gentler on your skin and absorbs less moisture, meaning that it can help reduce inflammation and keep flare-ups at bay. Bonus – a silk pillowcase is also great for your hair!

Well, there you have it – the ultimate guide to the humblest of skincare routines. The face-wash –  skin saviour since the dawn of time!