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Finding ‘The One’ This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, change the narrative and find ‘The One’ with Skinetica — the one product that is!

Here in the Skinetica office, we reject the dated notion that Valentine’s Day is for your partner or significant other — after all, the most important person in your life is yourself. So fling aside those red roses, pick your favourites out of that box of chocolates and prepare for a night (and day) of pure self-indulgence. 

On Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself? Why waste precious moments finding somebody that deserves your time (and presents) when you have your own body right there! While there are many ways to treat yourself on Valentine’s Day (some I won’t mention — this is a family blog), here are a few Skinetica favourites to make Valentine’s Day 2021 about you and you alone…


The hustle and bustle of your daily life can get you down with work, friends, relationships (and pandemics) causing you unnecessary stress. Turn off your phone, forget about your emails and treat yourself to some relaxing ‘you’ time. Run yourself a lovely hot bath (get those bubbles nice and high) and light a candle. Hey, why not play a bit of smooth jazz while you’re at it (or whatever your relaxation genre of choice is — we aren’t judging). Practise being able to enjoy that small moment of calm in an otherwise hectic world. Your body and your mind deserve it. 

Date Yoursely

A partner is not a necessary element to a date night, and don’t let the media tell you otherwise. Obviously Covid is spoiling some of the better elements of self-dating (like excellent restaurant food) but you can still get a lot of the joy of self-dating at home. Sometimes there is nothing better than spending hours on a delicious home cooked dinner, just for you. If cooking isn’t your thing, treat yourself to your favourite takeaway — somewhere a little bit fancier than your local. Buy a slightly more expensive bottle of wine than usual and pop on a film that you have wanted to watch for ages. You are your own best company.

Dress to Impress

I can’t speak for everyone, but part of my personal Covid gloom is that I don’t have an occasion to wear nice clothes any more. My daily visit to the local shop is not the place to crack out my festival wardrobe — believe me, i’ve tried. If, like me, you are bored of wearing your house comfies everyday, on Valentine’s Day wear an outfit that makes you feel fabulous. Do something with your face that makes you feel good. A note — this isn’t necessarily about make-up and dresses, it is about feeling like the best version of you. We all deserve that. 

Declutter your Life (and your Toiletries Shelf)

Decluttering can take on many forms, but it is essentially the exorcism of baggage that is bogging your life down. This could be going through your wardrobe and discarding what no longer brings you joy, looking at your relationships and seeing if any are draining your power, or simply throwing out the myriad of old products clogging up your toiletries shelf. Thanks to Skinetica, the latter is easily done — Quintessence is an all-in-one super toner that requires no other product for soft, blemish free skin. Treat yourself to an easy skincare regime — remember, the less time spent on your skin, the more time you can spend on yourself. 

So this Valentines Day, show yourself some love and break up with your break-outs. Because you deserve it.